Professional Estate Planning in Montello, WI

Everywhere is concerned about the future — will I have enough money? Will my retirement last? How will I take care of my kids? Rather than let your worries fester, use estate planning to ease your fears and secure your future.

Jace T. McDonald offers the estate planning services in Montello, WI, that you need to feel the comfort of future financial security.

Why Estate Planning

Together with a team of licensed attorneys and providers, Jace T. McDonald provides affordable estate planning. Our team collaborates to ensure complete compliance with any laws or statutes that govern the use and investment of your estate.

We are committed to bringing you the stability and security that you crave. The future doesn’t need to inspire feelings of dread and doubt.

Our goal is to meet you wherever you are at in the process and to improve your situation. We understand that life is difficult and that present needs take precedence over those of the future. Together we craft a plan that ensures all your current needs are met and future needs are provided for.

Why Us

We understand that true change and planning must account for people at all stages of life, including those that may not have the time or means to fully utilize our estate planning services. Because of this, McDonald also founded three assisted living care homes.

We also are focused on efforts to give back to the community, particularly to help youth and indigenous populations.

McDonald is the founder of, a non-profit that assists tribes with financial success. We are also a proud member of American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES), which works to help youth of Indian country. If we don’t help our youth and others find work, we can’t help them plan for the future.

Call Jace T. McDonald at (608) 403-7008 to begin securing your future with estate planning today.