About Jace T. McDonald

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Balance in life is key. Those who’ve managed to understand this and create their lives around it, have seen success. Jace T McDonald is one such person. He has built his empire not only around clean monetary profits with his family, but also around his philanthropic work.

Jace T McDonald and his team have recently been selected by Legion Capital President, Bradley Hilton to be working with the Legion Capital LLC and Legion Funding LLC service companies helping others with financial success. Through his non-profit, Jace T McDonald has helped the Native American tribes in not only creating new jobs, but also in creating entrepreneurial opportunities for people all around the country.

Jace T McDonald briefly touched the world of writing by co-authoring Soul of Success vol.2 with some select business experts. It was a natural step for him, seeing how he has sustained in running multiple successful businesses over the years.

Being a consultant and a self-employed business owner, taught him the nitty-gritty things of an entrepreneur’s life. This gave him the understanding and courage to take up something entirely new in his life by aiming to help small, hard-working business owners, with the invaluable knowledge of alternative wealth products. This work of his has given a whole new meaning to the word ‘social entrepreneurship’.